Splunk Consulting

We will setup, configure and maintain Splunk in your AWS environment so that you can gain insight into what is going on in your network.

What does Splunk monitor?

Splunk monitors virtually anything. It allows us to log and receive alerts whenever certain thresholds are crossed. Here are some examples:

High CPU utilization, low memory, hard disk space is running out, a license is about to expire, Atlassian application logs, Apache Tomcat logs


Flaws in widely used corporate VPNs put company secrets at risk

Researchers have found several security flaws in popular corporate VPNs which they say can be used to silently break into company networks and steal business secrets. Devcore researchers Orange Tsai and Meh Chang, who shared their findings with TechCrunch ahead of their upcoming Def Con talk, said the flaws found in the three corporate VPN providers …

A new Facebook privacy flaw allowed thousands of children on Messenger Kids to enter group chats with strangers

Facebook’s Messenger Kids is supposed to provide parents complete control over who their children chat can with on the app. But as The Verge reported on Monday, that key promise appears to have been broken, thanks to a design flaw with the app. According to the report, Messenger Kids had a design flaw that allows for a situation …

Why the Federal Government Sucks at Cyber Security

A new report out today from the software security firm Veracode found that civilian federal agencies — those largely unconnected to the military or intelligence communities — rank dead last in fixing security problems in the software they build and buy. That’s particularly relevant given that the massive hacking attack on the U.S. federal government’s Office of …


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