Splunk Consulting

We will setup, configure and maintain Splunk in your AWS environment so that you can gain insight into what is going on in your network.

What does Splunk monitor?

Splunk monitors virtually anything. It allows us to log and receive alerts whenever certain thresholds are crossed. Here are some examples:

High CPU utilization, low memory, hard disk space is running out, a license is about to expire, Atlassian application logs, Apache Tomcat logs


CloudWatch: Monitoring Memory and Disk Metrics for Amazon EC2 Linux Instances

New CloudWatch Agent Available A new multi-platform CloudWatch agent is available. You can use a single agent to collect both system metrics and log files from Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers. The new agent supports both Windows Server and Linux and enables you to select the metrics to be collected, including sub-resource metrics such …

Cisco to pay $2.35B for data security firm Duo

Tech conglomerate Cisco said Thursday it will buy cyber-security firm Duo Security for more than $2.3 billion.Michigan-based Duo Security helps companies fend off data breaches through a platform that verifies the identities of users and health of their devices before granting access. Cisco’s acquisition of Duo Security will allow for extended on-premises network access, simplify …

5 ways to protect your privacy while using Amazon products and services

The items we buy say a lot about our lifestyles, our finances, and our domestic lives. If you have an Amazon account, the amount of data that the retail giant collects is astonishing. Many people don’t know you get much more than just free two-day shipping with a Prime account. If you are trying to …


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