Splunk Consulting

We will setup, configure and maintain Splunk in your AWS environment so that you can gain insight into what is going on in your network.

What does Splunk monitor?

Splunk monitors virtually anything. It allows us to log and receive alerts whenever certain thresholds are crossed. Here are some examples:

High CPU utilization, low memory, hard disk space is running out, a license is about to expire, Atlassian application logs, Apache Tomcat logs


Understanding Baselines and Impact Levels in FedRAMP

The FedRAMP PMO fields a number of questions about impact levels and the security categorization of cloud services. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 provides the standards for categorizing information and information systems, which is the process CSPs use to ensure their services meet the minimum security requirements for the data processed, stored, and transmitted on them. …

US Ballistic Missile Systems Have No Antivirus, No Data Encryption, and No 2FA, DOD Report Finds

An anonymous reader writes from a report via ZDNet: No data encryption, no antivirus programs, no multi-factor authentication mechanisms, and 28-year-old unpatched vulnerabilities are just some of the cyber-security failings described in a security audit of the U.S.’ ballistic missile system released on Friday by the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD IG). The report [PDF] was put …


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